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I really enjoy talking about and sharing the wonder of mathematics with others, and spend an inadvisably large amount of my time running and organising various outreach and public engagement activities. I'm always happy to hear about more outreach and public engagement opportunities.


Chalkdust is a magazine (and blog) for the mathematically curious produced by PhD students at UCL and issued twice a year. I was part of the team for issues 9 to 15, and organised the editing process from issue 11. 

I also wrote the cover article for issue 11 about the Apollonian packing, which you can read here, and a short piece about solitons for issue 12 which you can read here.



During the summer term of 2019 I supervised a group of five year 12 students from Stepney Green School in a research project entitled "From Euclid to Escher", exploring non-Euclidean geometry and some of its applications. This ran over 2 months and culminated with a presentation by the students to other year 12 students and teachers.

Between November 2019 and April 2020 I am helping to deliver three series of problem solving classes for year 12 students, based at UCL. Both of these programmes were organised by Luciano Rila.



London Maths Outreach (LMO) is an organisation set up and run by maths PhD students under the auspices of the LSGNT. It runs classes throughout school time for students across London between the ages of 14 and 18. Two sets of classes run weekly in parallel, hosted at a London university, and are an opportunity for students interested in maths and related subjects to learn about interesting topics they don't see in school (and sometimes may not see at university). Courses last four weeks at a time and are problem-solving focused, so students really get to explore a topic in detail, and see how maths actually works.

I have volunteered as a teacher, giving a course exploring geometry in the plane, sphere, and hyperbolic plane from the viewpoint of groups of isometries; as well as in the capacity of teaching assistant. I am also the volunteer manager for the program, responsible for recruiting and scheduling volunteers.

Problem solving videos

In response to lockdown in 2020 previously in-person outreach had to be adapted to work online. As part of this I produced a series of mathematical problem solving YouTube videos of the UCL Mathematics Department's channel based on an outreach program I helped deliver in-person in the autumn of 2019.

I also co-designed and delivered an online course for year 12 students on low-dimensional topology, also largely through the medium of online video.


Selected other outreach and public engagement activities

  • I delivered a Royal Institution master class on Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry

  • I co-lead a series of outreach classes on topology for school children in Summer 2019.

  • I attended the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment's  event Bach, the Universe, and Everything, as an early career researcher for the attendees to "meet a scientist", organised by the IOP, December 1st 2019.

  • I was a delegate at Talking Maths in Public conference 2019.

  • I volunteered tutoring A-level maths at Durham Sixth Form Centre 2016-17.

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